Monday, 2 November 2015

Lady bug evaluation


Today in lesson I created a 3D lady bug, to create this I made my own brush and named it pencil to make the shape, I had to use a new layer for everything that I made just in case anything goes wrong and I don’t have to delete all my work, I used a different paint brush, changed color to white and decreased the opacity to 25% to show lighting to be similar to the image, I also used the eraser tool to delete some mistakes I did instead of deleting my whole work, after I colored it in using the gradient tool, then I made a new layer, double clicked on it and ticked off the options ‘blend clipped layers as group’ and ‘transparency shapes layer’ so the lines I draw with the brush tool blend in with the color of the lady bug, it’s a good technique if u want to create light and darkness but it’s also bad because it might ruin your work because of how deep it could blend in the image.